A Fast and Simple way to get Freight Factoring for your trucking operations in Canada

Trucking invoice factoring is an effective way for your freight business to access quick and secure financing by selling your credit-worthy invoices.

You can receive 80% or more of the value of your outstanding freight invoices with freight factoring.

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The best fixed rate guaranteed

We offer the best fixed rate guarantee. 2.5% All In. We will match every offer on the market.

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Very few documents required

We offer you a quick and easy experience. We have minimized the volume of documents needed.

Receive your money the same day!

It's the most important and crucial for your company! A maximum of 24 hours to get your money, it's our promise!

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Access working capital now through freight factoring.

Freight factoring is a reliable and efficient method to finance your freight invoices and entrust credit administration and the tedious task of collection to a team of professionals. Here's how it works:

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Liquid Capital OSF is based in Alberta, Canada and is proud to offer hassle-free freight factoring and financing solutions to transport businesses across the country. Fill out the contact form below and an expert will contact you shortly! 

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